#AMMConnect Bio

Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey you. Look where you’ve stumbled. I will be ranting about my current WIP and myself here. Why? Because I’m entering it in Author Mentor Match. If you don’t know what in the world that is, you can click the image below, and if you know what this is and would love to stalk me, read on.

Now that we know all about AMM, let’s talk about what you’re here to see. Which is, of course, my Manuscriiiipt!!!

It’s my umpteenth MS (yeah something is very wrong with me , I write too many different things), but my third query-ready baby. Here’s everything you’ll find in it:

  • Body swap between bffs
  • Amnesia
  • Bengali Hijabi aroace nonbinary MC (yeah, it’s ownvoices)
  • Bad boy MMC
  • no romance (*shrugs*)
  • Dissociative Disorders
  • Mental illnesses and the stigma around it
  • Mass shooting
  • Small town
  • Hippies
  • Siskiyou Forest
  • The Pacific. Definitely, the pacific (all my books have that in common)

Not really. But considering you’re interested and still reading, here’s more. And don’t judge me for making covers. They’re fun, okay? OKAY?


Genre: YA Psychological Thriller

Word count: 72,000


Dec is missing.

Rux is accused of murder.

When Dec wakes up in Rux’s body, he has to find himself and his memory before the town makes them pay for the murders.

Let’s skip the sad part where I was going to explain story inspiration and all that, and jump straight to aesthetics because, well, you know you love them.

And now to the most boring part (exciting only if you are really stalking me instead of my WIP)…

About Me

i never know what to say here. i’m a very smol human being i nap a lot i love sushi but i dont like eating. and this is all useless information.

I’m Tas and I write YA, mostly realistic and ownvoices. And people always die in my books… sorry. I am a book blogger and this is my book blog. When I’m not reading or writing, I’m probably taking naps because I spent all night writing. I can be found tutoring math as well, just be careful, you don’t want me to start explaining integration to you.

Pick Me! 

aka Why I’ll Be A Good Mentee

I know where to find the strangest and rarest gifs from the deepest darkest corners of the gif world.

If that’s not good enough, I’m good at taking critiques and at revising. I was a TeenPit mentee in 2017 (with a different MS) and SunVsSnow finalist in 2018 (with another different MS) and I like to believe I aced (pun intended) at being a mentee and I can totally do that again. Like, really, tough love and all that, I’m ready to accept it.

That’s all. Thanks for sticking around until the end. Enjoy some chitoi pitha with an unhealthy amount of honey (Rux and Dec are suckers for this)

*shhh. i know that’s not honey in the pic but that’s the best i could find*

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